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Owner…. or something like that.

In a nutshell, Anna does some shit and maybe knows a few things and likes gear. She writes things that hopefully people will read. She thinks about things too much, drinks too much redbull and coffee, and uses too much profanity. Fuck.  

Anna was born in Ohio and grew up in Alabama where she swam in swimming pools a lot. In 2005, she moved to Alaska and hated it, but immediately learned how to snowboard anyway. She stuck it out, learned a lot about herself and life in general and now loves Alaska and the opportunities it has to offer. Towards the end of college, she made the switch from snowboarding to skiing and also discovered the outdoors. Well, more to the point, she began to see things with a new perspective. 

By day, she works as an engineer in the construction industry, working on Alaskan roads and airports. She volunteers at a local volunteer fire department and holds EMT, SARTECH, Firefighter, and Haz-Mat certifications, and has her AVY 1. Almost all of her free time and money are spend on outdoor related endeavors. Her perfect sport is backcountry skiing, and loves the hike up and the ski down. She is passionate about avalanche awareness amongst winter recreationalists. She also cross country skis, ice skates, and ice climbs in the winter. In the summer, she is an avid hiker of mountains. She also backpacks, rock climbs, and bikes. She aspires to learn more about mountaineering, mixed climbing, and skijouring. She takes Shiro on as many of these adventures as possible.

She measures her own success by the quality of relationships she has with her family and friends and the magnitude of life experiences she has amassed.


Official Partner in Crime and Photographer

Lindsay met Anna officially in November 2015 in a parking lot. The two hit it off and exchanged numbers planning to go on epic ski adventures. Unfortunately, that was the same day Anna tore her ACL so the ski adventures did not happen. Somehow, they ended up getting together anyway. She loves mountains and is always down for an adventure. 

Lindsay takes excellent photos, helps content development for articles, and occasionally contributes her own stories here at Snow Beast Reviews.


Peakbagging Contributor

Daniel is a shameless peakbagger based out of Wasilla, Alaska.  His current goals include climbing all 120 true peaks in a Chugach State Park and every US State highpoint that is over 10,000'. Dan is providing SBR with all of his GPS tracks- when he is done, this could be the first complete database of the Chugach Mountains. Check out his gallery and GPS tracks here on Snow Beast Reviews!

Contributing Writers

Shiro “Cheerio” Bartok

Lead dog gear tester and never complaining adventure buddy

Shiro loves skiing. and mountains. and being outside. but really, he just wants my snack. 

Shiro loves skiing. and mountains. and being outside. but really, he just wants my snack. 

Shiro lives with Anna and happily calls Anchorage, Alaska home. He began his life as a (probably adorable, but the world may never know) hyper as fuck puppy that no one knew what to do with. As a result, he got tied up and left to his own devices. Being smart and resourceful, he chewed his way to freedom, to the fury of his original owners. This resourcefulness landed him at one of the local animal rescues, where he lived for several months. The best day of Shiro’s life is when Anna showed up at the rescue to adopt him; she had spent hours drooling over cute pictures of him on the internet and made up her mind that he was the dog for her. They were a perfect match; two stubborn, resourceful beings with a strong thirst for adventure and love of the outdoors. At just under a year old, Shiro had finally found a home.

Shiro spends his days sleeping on cushy dog beds at home. On weekends and evenings, he accompanies Anna on all sorts of adventures. He climbs mountains, runs after bikes, runs after backcountry skiers, and hangs out while she climbs rocks too steep for him to follow. He is excited to learn how to skijour with Anna. He likes summer activities but tends to get too hot pretty fast. Like his human, Shiro loves winter and snow the most. He can jump astounding distances and sustain a 25 mile per hour run for over two miles. He is the perfect companion and never complains when the weather is shitty; be it torrential downpours, 50 mile per hour winds when it is already 0 degrees out, or the beating sun trying to give everyone heatstroke. He loves trying out new gear and accessories and is stoked when he gets a new coat or pack to match his human’s. He is willing to try anything and loves nothing more than long car rides and spending quality time outside with his humans.