Tis the Season.... How to legally obtain your own wild Alaskan Christmas Tree!

Cutting down our Christmas tree!! 

Cutting down our Christmas tree!! 

Well, as mentioned in my previous post, shit has been busy.  We had a brief adventure in ice climbing... or in trying to find ice... over the Thanksgiving weekend. We did, in fact, find ice and climb it some. There was a lot of Devil's club and getting lost involved. 

Anyway, our other outdoor adventure for Thanksgiving weekend (it has been pretty damn cold....) was finding a Christmas tree! Each year, the Chugach National Forest and Kenai National Wildlife refuge opens for Christmas tree cutting. Other public lands in the state also open for tree cutting. The regulations are similar (but slightly different... so read carefully) for both; one tree per household, don't be a dick about leaving stumps or cutting a huge tree to just take the top off, don't cut trees right next to a road or trail... ya know. Straight forward stuff. 

Closer to Anchorage: Chugach National Forest Regulations

Kenai/Soldotna/Homer: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Matsu Valley: Moose Range Info

Additional Info and Locations

Looking for a tree that was just right!

Looking for a tree that was just right!

Anyway, we had a great time driving around and looking for a good spot to drag a Christmas tree out of.  I can't tell you where we went. It is top secret. But, after looking at a ton of trees that were terribly lopsided due to the elements, Lindsay spotted an excellent tree of perfect height. Only minimal modification was required to fit it in the house!

Shiro, of course, loved the adventure in the snow. And the car ride. Lindsay pointed out that there were two species of evergreen trees in the area we were looking.... I kept pointing out trees that were of "lesser" Christmas tree value. So watch out for that for those of you who are less in tune with plant species.... Also, wear gloves. The nice looking Christmas trees have sharp needles!

Sooo have fun finding your tree and Happy Holidays!