Why My Dog is Orange

Shiro had a great day yesterday. I had to work. 

A friend of mine who wishes he had a dog has been taking Shiro hiking while I have been doing rehab for my knee. While I was at work, Shiro was whisked away on an adventure up Wolverine Peak. I know he enjoyed himself because he came back extra muddy. 

Lindsay and I decided it was time to repaint the bathroom this week. In the spirit of getting things done, I got to work on painting the trim pieces. I took them down to the garage and sanded them smooth. It was a beautiful day so I left the garage door open to enjoy the weather. Lindsay got home and started painting. Things were looking great. 

Then Shiro got home. He came tearing into the garage with no regard for the still damp trim pieces meticulously propped up on the garage floor. Right through the middle of it all. Paw prints and smears were all over. In his ecstatic state, he knocked over the can of paint.  Paint went everywhere.

This is not a tired dog. WTF, he just hiked up and down a mountain for 10 miles. 

To mitigate further damages, I quickly threw him inside. Then I looked at the floor inside. Nope! I grabbed him before he could get too far up the stairs. Orange paw prints were all over the floor. I took him back to the garage. 

I tried to wipe the paint off him. It didn't work well. I looked at Lindsay as I picked up my dog and held him like a baby. "Mmmm can ya grab the door please? This little fucker is going in the back yard." She opened a clear path for me to get Shiro to the safety of the back yard to dry off. 

We got him outside and went back to the garage to assess the damages. 3/4 of the paint had been spilled on the drop cloth. Shiro had 2 orange feet and a dipped tail. One board had been flipped upside down and was covered in dog hair. Paw prints were on numerous other pieces. Thank you for the thought my dear dog, but no, I don't think we want paw print accents in the bathroom. Shiro, ever the little helper, trying to get all up in our human business and being less helpful than he tries to be... 

Shiro is now proudly showing off his new orange accents. I don't know how to remove wall paint from dogs. Maybe the Google can help.