Current Events in Orlando and the Outdoors....

I was going to blog about my weekend fishing and post some awesome pictures. And then some bullshit went down in Orlando. And now I am feeling like there are more important things to put my writing energy towards. So no photos and no stories about how the boat caught on fire... for now. 

I am sick of hearing about mass shootings in the news. The most current one has certainly ignited increased outrage levels with me. I seriously could not even phantom how much I would lose my goddamn mind if my girlfriend had been in Pulse and something had happened to her. I don't think most people appreciate having their demographic targeted by hate. I personally really don't. I am tired of seeing the polarization of humans over dumb senseless killings. 

I don't give a single fuck what your skin color is, who you want to fuck (as long as everyone is consenting to it of course), what god you worship (as long as you don't use that to put down and judge other people), what country you were born in, or really any other superficial bullshit. I do give a fuck when someone treats other people with hate and disrespect. This is fucking 2016. Did we not learn anything from MLK fucking decades ago? If you must judge, and we all do, judge based on someone's character. Period. 

However, as this is an outdoor website geared toward outdoor minded people, I will keep further political opinions to myself. Luckily, my girlfriend was safe and with me. In a tent. In the pouring rain. Thousands of miles away. Our biggest life threat being possible hypothermia (not really the car was right there) or a rouge hungry bear wandering into camp (we had been fishing. I am sure we smelled tasty).

I think that every single person in this world could benefit from a good dose of the outdoors. Why?  Because nature doesn't care who you are. Nature does not give one single fuck if your skin is pasty white (better hope not or be prepared or you're gonna get a hell of a sunburn), almost black, or anywhere in between. She really doesn't care if you are crawling into your tent with your same-sex partner, best friend, heterosexual partner, or 15 other people. If the bear comes, it's gonna be a bad night. Zero fucks given about what god you worship, if any. If you show up without layers when it's cold and wet, you gonna get hypothermia. Better start praying to mother nature to warm up and save you then. As a human, it's hard to judge someone so superficially, when I am constantly judged by my abilities and character by nature. 

I don't think our human imposed laws are the problem. The problem is that so many humans have forgotten that we are a small part of something so much bigger and more powerful than us. As a species, we are so comfortable and sheltered that we have time to pick each other apart for our differences. We have time to be all up in everyone else's goddamn business-and time to form strong opinions about how other people choose to live. 

I go outside to clear my mind. To forget about all of the meaningless shit that I have trouble letting go of during my everyday life. At the end of the day, 98.9% of the shit that I worry about is meaningless in the bigger picture. To forget about the stupid, petty things that people do. It's hard to care about that when you are surrounded by an entity that judges you based on nothing but your abilities and character. 

We could all learn something from nature. Maybe, someday, we will be a better species for it. 

Love in the outdoors. It's beautiful. 

Love in the outdoors. It's beautiful.