Reel Rocks and Children are Scary

We went to the Wednesday showing of Reel Rocks 11. As always, the show was inspiring, funny, and entertaining. If you like climbing or being outside or entertained, I recommend it. As a side note, if someone could make and sell a sticker for the "Dodo's Delight", Lindsay wants one. 

We accidentally ended up sitting next to several children. I don't really know what to do with or how to interact with mini humans. I usually avoid them. 

That said, at intermission, they held their usual raffle. I couldn't believe it when I somehow won the grand prize of a new climbing rope!!! I had to check my ticket and have Lindsay check my ticket before I "whoo hooed". Then the fear kicked in. I was faced with the terrifying task of walking by a room full of other people who wish they had won the rope. I don't like to be the center of that kind of attention. But, for the real kicker, I had to retrieve my prize from a child.

For someone who climbs rocks and mountains for fun, volunteers at a fire department for fun, will jump into the unknown with hardly a second thought and think it's fun, doesn't mind making a huge fool of myself in my ignorance of something (you gotta learn somehow right?), in general does not experience a lot of fear in my every day life....I am terrified of being in a social situation with a mini human, however brief. Retrieving my prize from these children was the most stressful thing I have done in a while. The fear of being told by a 9 year old that my number did not match and being sent back to my seat empty handed and humiliated was strong.

After all that, I sauntered up to the front of the room, accepted the beautiful new rope from the child, handed my ticket to her, and watched with baited breath as she matched the numbers on the tickets. For all my worrying, she smiled and sent me on my way. I quickly retreated back to my seat with my prize.

And that is how I came to acquire my second climbing rope. I think the weather might be warm enough to use it this weekend. We plan to try it out and see how she does! Maybe there will be pictures soon.