Blog Revamp

So you may have noticed the blog disappeared for a bit. Having a full time (plus over time) job, a volunteer job, a new puppy, and trying to keep up with the website AND blogging regularly was too much. I also started a several month project telling Brian's Story on this site which involves weekly posting and keeps me busy. So the blog went on hold. I couldn't handle the pressure I was putting on myself to try to post all. the. time.  

That said, you will probably notice a new tone to the blog and less frequent posting. Essentially, this will be a place that I post things that don't really fit in the other categories of the site. Things you can expect from the new blog are as follows:

  • Less frequent (biweekly to monthly) posting. 
  • Posts about my opinions on things in the outdoors (hold onto your seats for these posts, folks!) (See example: Some Thoughts on Wildlife)
  • Posts about outdoor events and opportunities that I have been lucky enough to participate in or would like to participate in. (See examples: Legally Obtaining a Wild Christmas Tree and MCA Ice Fest)
  • Pictures of dogs and puppies (except Shiro's photo bombs. Those still have their own gallery)
  • Posts about dogs and puppies
  • Anything else on my mind. 

So,  subscribe and enjoy!