So, I ordered my new ski set up from overseas

I have wanted a set of Marker Kingpins since before they were released. I was set to buy some for my last ski set up but there was a screaming deal on the G3 Ions so I got those. Don't get me wrong, the Ions are fantastic. But... I still really wanted the Kingpins. When I saw how smooth the Kingpins were in action, I wanted to try them even more.

The holdup?  The price tag. 

Being a bit of a gear junkie, in my boredom I will search and research gear to death. The Kingpins have been a subject of my bored gear searching for over a year now. Every time, they came up near $500 for the Kingpin 10s, more if you wanted the 13s (I don't). My go-to sites were failing me on deals. The only place I saw them cheaper was a place called "Freeze Pro Shop" which I had never heard of. Additionally, this shop is based in United Kingdom; if they are legit, shipping will probably be ridiculous. I try not to be a dumbass and get scammed or accidentally buy counterfeit products so I ignored the prices and kept searching. 

Finally, I caved. I poked around on Freeze Pro Shop's website. It looked legit. I resorted to google: "Is Freeze Pro Shop legit?" Yes, that is what I searched. I pulled up various forum boards and review sites discussing the topic with the same conclusion, "yes." 

So, I loaded up my cart with my sought after Kingpins and threw in a set of skis that were on sale. I entered my Alaska address and waited to see the message saying they don't ship to Alaska, or that they will ship to Alaska for the small fee of more-than-you-are-paying-for-your-gear. I received my first surprise: Standard shipping for an oversize pair of skis and bindings would be about $50 USD. My grand total for my brand new dream AT setup including shipping? About $700. In reading fine print on the site, all items sold to the US are VAT free, which reduced the cost by 20% for us in North America. The goods they sell will not be taxed upon entry into North America so long as the value remains under $800. If you want more details, click the link in this paragraph.  

I entered my payment info and pressed send and waited. By the time I went to bed that night, I had received an email with tracking information for my skis and bindings. I waited for my credit card to get shut down for suspicious activity or maxed from the scam. Turns out, those worries were unnecessary.  

My second pleasant surprise came in the form of brand new skis and bindings on my doorstep two days later. These bad boys had crossed the pond faster (and way cheaper) than I could on my own "European Holiday". The packages were sent via FedEx and I received consistent tracking updated via email up until I had received my packages. 

With shipping like that, I wonder why so many US retailers either charge either more than the product is worth to ship to Alaska or just flat out will not ship anything to Alaska. When I shipped some skis to my brother in North Dakota it cost me $90. In fact, this time my package arrived before the charges even showed up on my credit card. 

The icing on the cake is that they have a reward program as well. I earned about $40 in credit for my next purchase, which will be happening at some point in the future.

If I had to complain, or liked complaining, I could complain that the box the ski bindings came in looked like an elephant or two had sat on the box the entire way. However, the bindings were in great shape and I am not going to fault Freeze Pro Shop for whatever happened during shipping. I see no reason to contact them and complain that the box I am going to throw out was damaged. What's on the inside was good to go and that's what matters. 

I did not have to contact their customer service but the rest of the internet seems to think they have a good thing going there too. However, returns might be slightly more involved than your average exchange due to the overseas shipping. 

In recap, Freeze Pro Shop is a legit shop. They have great prices and seem to ship worldwide (and quickly). I am pleased with my experience and will happily recommend them to others.