The Reality of Day to Day

With all my glowing words about Brian to date, you might be wondering how he has time to do it all. The truth is, like all of us, he doesn't always have time. Like with all of us, some weeks things work out great and other weeks it is just one thing after another. 

I was chatting with him about the next chapter to this story the other day and he confided that training hasn't been going so great the last few weeks. In addition to everything I have mentioned about Brian already, he also manages property. He has his plate quite full with plenty of things that can suddenly turn bad at inopportune times. 

He mentioned that the last few weeks have been rough. Without going into too many details, property management has been particularly stressful, adding extra stress and turmoil that has sucked a lot of time and energy. In addition, the kids have been an extra handful the last few weeks. This leaves Brian with even less time and energy for his training.  

Brian briefly stated these setbacks. Then his face lit up as he described his fantastic Father's day. Always looking for the positive. This reminded me to a time back in college when I was pretty negative about things. Whenever I would see him, Brian would ask "what was the best part of today?". Ya know, no matter what was going on, I always found something good about every day.  

Whatever the situation, we all have a choice of how we react to it. In Brian's case he could just give up because he is a few weeks behind where he wants to be on training. Those goals are looking harder and harder to reach. What sets Brian apart is his awesome attitude. "Well, I am just going to have to step up my training game even more! That race isn't getting any further away." He said. End of story. 

Oh, his personal race goals and fundraising goals aren't changing either; they are as lofty as ever.