Race Follow Up

I caught up with Brian after his race. Despite falling short of some of his goals, he was his normal cautiously optimistic self. The only notable difference being his visibly swollen knee. 

Brian was ecstatic that he completely smashed his fundraising goal of $4000. His final total? An impressive $5,947 which earned him the top fundraiser spot for the individual category. Brian's goals for the fundraising side of the race were attained and surpassed. 

As far as the race went, it could have been better for Brian. As he describes it, he set a solid pace for the uphill and picked up the pace around 6 miles when the trail leveled off. Around 8 miles, the trail started to descend. As anyone who has tried to recover from an atrophy-inducing surgery has experienced, it's the downhill that gets you. Brian struggled up to mile 11 on the descent. At that point, his knee had had it. Between the downhill and the sloppy trail conditions, he could feel his joint screaming at him to stop. To prevent a potential medivac off the race course, Brian chose to complete the remaining 5 miles walking. 

Brian successfully finished the race with a time of 4:14. This time bested his 2015 time by about half an hour. At the 11 mile mark, Brian said he was on track to finish in about 3:15, near the time he hoped for. Given the circumstances, it was remarkable that Brian finished the race on the power of his own two legs. 

I am proud of Brian for setting such a lofty goal. A 16 mile backcountry race is a huge undertaking. Especially for someone who has avoided running at all for two decades. Just finishing a race like this is an achievement to be proud of.

While the Lost Lake Run is over, Brian's Story is just getting started. As promised, this was only the beginning; Brian is already getting started on his next fund raising project. Subscribe to this blog or follow Brian on Facebook to stay updated on the next part to his story!