Bottom Line:  I would buy these pants at outlet pricing

Manufacturer's intended purpose: Skiing/Snowboarding

Actual Weight: 1 lb 5.4 oz / 608 g

Mfg Retail: $199


I purchased these pants to be my go-to ski pants for the resort or backcountry. I wanted a bomber waterproof layer that would stand up to a few seasons of use. While these pants could be awesome, the durability of the fabric has left me less than impressed.

Fit (6)

The fit was normal on these pants. I am an athleticish 5’6, 150ish lbs and usually wear a M. The M fit pretty well. A large would be too big though the medium was slightly tighter in my ass than I would prefer for backcountry skiing.  Kick turns, ya know?

Durability (2)

I was hoping these would be a reasonably priced, bomber, waterproof layer for backcountry use. Unfortunately, in one season, I developed various tears in the pants from my knees down, including the “reinforced” gusseted area at my ankles. At the beginning of the second season, I ripped the seam in the crotch, probably doing a kick turn.   

Warmth (7)

These have some insulation. I don’t usually layer up too much on my bottom half. Warmth wise, I have been pleased. They are too warm for 40 degree F tours, but keep me toasty without a base layer down to about 20 degrees F. The coldest I have worn these in was around -10 deg F. With these over a base layer, it was not my legs that got cold.  

Waterproof/Windproof/Breathability (6)

These pants use OR’s Pertex® Shield 2L. As these are intended for skiing, I have not used them in a downpour. The only time I have been wet in these pants is when I ate shit and got snow shoved in places I didn’t want it. That is no fault of the fabric of these pants. The rating is a little low due to the lack of durability. They can’t keep you dry if there are tons of holes in the fabric.

Features (5)

Some thought was put into the features on these pants. With the emphasis being on “some”. There are a total of 4 pockets; two on the front, one on the ass, and one on the right thigh. The zipper on the front pockets ALWAYS gets stuck. The thigh pocket is nice. However, if you put anything in there that isn’t soft, you’re probably going to end up with a bruise when you eat shit. (If you don’t eat shit, then you aren’t trying hard enough). The only time I have used the ass pocket was to put my wallet in it; it annoyed me so much that I had to take it out. The pocket was a little too deep and the wallet sat too low and pinched my butt cheek uncomfortably while trying to skin.  

This said, the beacon pocket and tether clip is in the front right pocket. If there is ever a time I need to get my beacon out in a hurry, I will first have to fight with that damn zipper. In addition, the beacon pouch is quite small.  Unless you have a tracker 3 or other similarly sized beacon, forget it. These pants also fit me so tight through the hips that wearing my beacon in the pocket was a little uncomfortable. I have worn my tracker 3 in the pocket anyway because I usually skin in just a base layer and hate switching the beacon pouch location when changing out layers.

The incorporated gaiters (which I also managed to rip) have a “power strap slot”.  Somehow, you are supposed to be able to pull the power strap through this so you can adjust it without moving the gaiters. I consider myself a pretty intelligent person and was unable to figure out how the hell to get this system to work. So I never used it.

There are two inner thigh zips. They function as anticipated.

Manufacturer Warranty (9)

I contacted OR after I ripped the crotch of these pants. They took about a week to get back to me. Once contact was made,they requested I send them my old pants. Before I had a chance to drop my old pants in the mail, a brand new pair of Igneo Pants to my door… on the honor system.  I shipped them my clean, old, ripped pants in return. Dealing with the OR warranty system was a pleasant and easy experience that I would not be sad to repeat.


If you find a screaming deal on these pants, buy them. Just be nice to them. They will not stand up to seasons of backcountry skiing abuse. Don’t even think about trying to use them ski mountaineering. No way in hell you won’t shread them with crampons.