Bottom Line:  I would buy this jacket at sale price

Manufacturer's intended purpose: Casual

Actual Weight: xxx/xxx

Mfg Retail: $119


I love Patagonia’s endeavours to promote the manufacturing of sustainable gear. The current version of this popular pullover boasts Polartec® Thermal Pro® polyester fleece which is 51% recycled material. It is a warm and cozy piece to put on after a long day out. Considering these seem to go on sale every spring for under $60, there’s no reason not to have one… or three.

Fit (6)

Patagonia claims that this is a “slim fit” cut. It is not. I ordered my usual Medium and it is a little on the roomy side. I am 5’6, around 140 pounds and 95% of the time wear a Medium in women’s outdoor gear. The pullover fits great through my shoulders and chest (where a Medium is sometimes a little tight on me) but is rather roomy through the waist area. Unless I am buying an outer layer, I generally prefer my tops to be a little more form fitting for layering. I could have sized down and been fine with the sizing.

Durability (7)

The Snap T is gone but the fuzz lingers on

The Snap T is gone but the fuzz lingers on

This pullover would get a higher rating if it did not leave blue fuzz all over my seatbelt every time I wore it in the car. While the jacket itself shows no signs of its hemorrhaging on my seatbelt, it is annoying. Whenever I get in the car after wearing it, I find myself picking fuzz off of whatever I am wearing next. On the plus, this jacket has survived getting snagged and caught on things with no damage. The craftsmanship and materials are excellent. If the jacket did not shed, I might consider giving it a perfect score. The blue fuzz is annoying enough to warrant docking three points here though. I find blue fuzz for days.

Warmth (9)

This pullover is so cozy! While it is not intended to be a technical piece, I have used it as a mid layer in colder weather. Typically, I will bring this in the car for a post backcountry outing dry and cozy layer to put on. I wear it around town and when taking my dog out for walks and to classes and absolutely love it. I will wear this without another layer down to around freezing temperatures.

Packability (2)

I almost feel bad docking this jacket so much here since the manufacturer does not intend it to be used as a technical piece. But, what we look for here are solid all around performing jackets since most of us don’t have the resources to own 50 jackets for every condition imaginable. If you do elect to take this jacket with you into the backcountry, it will take up significant room in your pack. If you can spare the space and weight and want this jacket on your weekend cabin adventure, by all means, take it-it will look fantastic on you at the cabin.

Personally, I don’t often travel with this pullover either since I tend to travel pretty light and it just takes up too much room. I have other jackets that are warmer and pack down smaller-though they arguably are not quite as cozy!

Waterproof/Windproof/Breathability (4)

Again, not a technical piece. It is fleece and thus gets a 0 for both waterproofness and windproofness. (We don’t wear fleece to ward off those conditions anyway.) It is pretty breathable though. As a mid layer, it will wick some moisture away from you, but not to the degree that you would feel compelled to write home about though. Really, what this pullover excels at is looking awesome at the bar with your beer and cheeseburger while talking about those sick lines you and your posse were dropping all day.

Features (4)

This is a pretty straight forward pullover. There are 4 snaps on the neck that I usually leave open. If it is snowy out, sometimes I will snap them around my neck to avoid snow in places I don’t want it. There are two pockets; one useless chest pocket that I have never used in the 4 years I have had this and a pouch. The chest pocket is small and doesn’t fit a cellphone well and would look weird with a cellphone in it anyway. The front pouch is roomy and great to throw stuff in short term. However, since it is so roomy, it does not always retain its contents. Additionally, the inside of the pouch pocket is mesh. This is great for breathability (not that that is where I typically sweat) but horrible in the wind. Again, this pullover is amazing for chilling with your friends post adventure or going for a quick stroll in mid autumn but not designed for serious backcountry use.  

Manufacturer Warranty (8)

I have not had to warranty this specific product. My past experiences with Patagonia’s warranty process have been positive though. I filled out the warranty form on their website, wrote down my problems the best I could, and set the package off to Patagonia. I expected them to contact me but about a month later my jacket showed up repaired. Unfortunately, they had only repaired half of my issues with the product that I had requested they they repair. It did not bother me enough to contact them again to fix it. If you happen to live close to a Patagonia store, your process might be even easier.


I used to wear a lot of hoodies. These days, I hardly ever wear them-they have been replaced by my Patagonia Re-Tool Snap T. Typically, I use this as my go to pre and post-adventure layer. I keep it in the car to throw on after a day of backcountry skiing or ice climbing. It is cozy and looks great for the post adventure beer/dinner outing, or on shorter walks in brisk weather. However, it functions as a mid layer if needed.

This versatile and reasonably priced fleece is worth the investment- especially if you are able to snag it on sale. With some patience, you should be able to pick any size or color you want for around $60.