Bottom Line:  I would buy this jacket at sale pricing, possibly full price

Manufacturer's intended purpose: alpine climbing, skiing, snowboarding, winter multi-sport

Actual Weight: 11.6 oz / 328 g

Mfg Retail: $249


The Nano Puff Jacket is wildly popular with outdoors men and women of all walks of life. The various options ranging from vest, hoodie, pull-over, jacket, hybrid, and even pants makes this a solid layering choice for most budgets. While it is not the cheapest, lightest, or most durable of its class, it is a worthwhile and versatile piece to own. This review is specifically for my Women’s Nano Puff Hoodie.  

There is a reason this jacket is everywhere. Even with the advances in insulation technology, this jacket is still relevant. While it doesn't win any "best of" awards, it is a solid, durable, lightweight, packable, built for the long haul, all around jacket. Oh, it looks good around town too. Since it has been out for a while and there is so much competition, you can probably find this jacket at a reasonable price too. 

Fit (8)

I ordered a M in this coat which fit as expected. I am an athleticish 5’6, 150ish lbs, with some sort of boobs worth occasionally speaking of, and usually wear a M. This coat fits great over just a base layer or with a vest and several thin layers under it. It is not especially fitted but it looks good. I have heard some people complain of it being a little too “boxy”; I have not personally felt this way regarding this fine jacket.

Durability (8)

This is a pretty lightweight coat with pretty lightweight fabric. After 5 seasons of use, my jacket is showing some pretty significant signs of wear. The elbows and cuffs are permanently discolored despite frequent washing. The elastic on the cuffs is coming unsewn and the stitching is coming undone in several places. The DWR finish is long gone, which is partially my fault due to a lack of attention in my care of this jacket. I could probably restore it with a little effort.

That said, the fabric used on this jacket is tough. I have dragged this coat all over the world, bushwhacked up and down mountains all over Alaska, dragged myself through Alaskan Devil’s Club patches, accidently put it in the dryer with a knife, played tug of war with my dog, took a stupid nasty falls ice climbing that almost knocked out my teeth, worked in remote Alaskan villages, and zipped and unzipped it from its own pocket more times than I can count. Through all of that, this jacket has actually torn only once, as a result of the aforementioned knife coming open in the dryer. This jacket was not the only casualty of that incident. A small piece of tenacious tape and the jacket is almost as good as new. 

Some features of my Nano Puff could use some updates to durability (maybe this has been addressed in the newer ones?) but this coat has stood the test of time. This jacket has been thrown into my pack/car dirty, soaked, and beat to hell after many solid adventures and is still around to tell the tale.

Warmth (8)

This is my go to layering piece for any cold weather outing. It is my go to outer for cool autumn adventures. Hell, in Alaska, I bring it on my summer adventures to avoid the possible cool nights we occasionally have.

I wore this as my mid layer between a base layer/vest and my medium/heavy puffy coat when I summited Kilimanjaro and was toasty warm. I have begun countless early morning ski tours with this as my outer layer/only real insulation to speak of.

If I am not moving much, this jacket keeps me reasonably warm to about 45 degrees F. If I am working hard headed up a mountain, this jacket will have me sweating my ass off well below 0 degrees F.

Packability (8)

This coat zips into its own inner pocket, forming a compact 7”x6”x3” package. I fucking love this feature. I never lose the stuff sack because it is attached. It packs down so small that there is no excuse to leave this layer at home.

Waterproof/Windproof/Breathability (5)

The fabric comes treated with Patagonia’s Deluge DWR treatment. It was effective in shedding light moisture when it was new. It would probably still be effective at this task if I took care of the DWR finish. Regardless of the age, anything more than a light misting of water will wet this jacket out. However, the synthetic hydrophobic fill will continue to keep you warm even when this happens. As far as wind goes, this jacket will protect you pretty effectively from light to medium winds. I have had it out in some pretty strong (50+ mph) guests which sent me digging in my pack for my hard shell for additional protection. As far as breathability goes, it is a puffy coat; it is made for packability and warmth, not so much breathability.

The intended purpose is for insulation, not weather protection. Realistically, this insulation layer does surprisingly well as far as protection from the elements goes.

Features (7)

This is a simple and well thought out jacket. Two well placed hand pockets (not pack/harness compatible) and one inner pocket for your valuables. The inner pocket doubles as a stuff sack (that you never lose since it is part of your jacket!) which has a super convenient loop incorporated so you can clip your jacket to your pack or harness   

The hood is super simple and awesome. There is no closure system on it other than the elastic which works well. It has never blown off in the wind and forms a pretty damn good seal around my face to ward off cold drafts.

There is also a draw cord around the bottom if you feel the need to cinch that up… I personally never have messed with it.

Manufacturer Warranty (7)

I contacted Patagonia regarding the snagged stitching and cuffs coming unsewn. When I say this, I mean I filled out the warranty form, wrote down my problems the best I could, and set my precious coat and the form away into the unknown. About a month later, I received an unexpected package from Patagonia. I opened it to find my Nano Puff, now snag free!  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the stitching on the cuffs was not repaired. I don’t believe I actually interacted with anyone at Patagonia through this process.

The warranty process was simple and fast. I am sure if I wanted to mess with it, I could contact Patagonia regarding the cuffs and get them fixed. They seem like a pretty solid company to work with.


I love this jacket despite its few shortcomings. I have probably been the direct instigator of at least a dozen people purchasing this jacket (you are welcome Patagonia). As far as I know, none of them regret having become the owner of a Nano Puff jacket.

I also really appreciate Patagonia’s efforts in prolonging gear life and recycling completely worn out gear. In a world where everyone gets the newest iphone every 2 years, making such a public statement about repairing your old gear and continuing to use it is refreshing and inspirational. I think of Patagonia as a strong outdoor gear company, but not necessarily “the best” as far as performance or value goes. Personally, their very public commitment to renewability really sets this company apart in a good way.